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Novia University of Applied Sciences offers multidisciplinary higher education with a practical orientation, training professionals for expert and development posts.

There are 34 degree programmes leading to a Bachelor’s Degree. Three programmes run entirely in English: Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Raseborg, Nursing in Vaasa and Maritime Management in Turku.

With its approximately 3500 students and a staff of 390, Novia is the largest Swedish–speaking university of applied sciences in Finland. Novia has activities in seven different locations along the west coast.

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Novia UAS, Tehtaankatu 1, FI–65100 Vaasa, Finland
Phone +358 6 328 5000 (switchboard), fax +358 6 328 5110

Internet www.novia.fi

Admissions Office, PO Box 6, FI–65201 Vaasa, Finland
Phone +358 6 328 5555, fax +358 6 328 5117
Email admissions@novia.fi