Traditional Surface Treatment of Wood

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We paint our houses in order to decorate and preserve the surfaces. Fashions have come and gone and new inventions have revolutionised both colours and binders through times.

A paint workshop ran parallel to the building site during the intensive course Wooden Roofs and Traditional Surface Treatment of Wood (Sustainable Heritage report No. 5) in Ekenäs, Finland in April 2013. The focus lay on paints which are known to be sustainable and suitable for the exterior of wooden buildings. The object of this hands–on exercise was to mix traditional paints of traditional binders and pigments for wooden exteriors. Colour charts of the most common pigments and binders—rye flour gruel, linseed oil, tar, milk, lamp oil etc. were made so that the effect of the binder on the colour could be judged… more documentation, program and images on Hands–On Work in Spring 2013.

  • Recipes and picture report from the paint workshop.