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Hands-On Work
in Autumn 2017
SH | 19 June
Instruments for monitoring old structures in Ekenäs and Raseborg, Finland — Intensive Course, September 17–23, 2017 The participants of this intensive course will be joining a
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Hands–On Work
in Spring 2016
SH | 29 April

Timber constructions on Gotland, April 3–9, 2016 In April 2016 the conservation department at Uppsala University Campus Gotland gave an intensive

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Report No. 7
SH | 6 June
Windmills in Estonia, Finland and Sweden There are over a thousand historic windmills in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. This report
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Hands-On Work
in Spring 2014
SH | 13 April
Historical Wooden Constructions on Gotland, Sweden — Intensive Course Spring 2014 In April 2014 students and teachers from Estonian Academy of Arts
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Report No. 5
SH | 1 April
Plank Roof and Traditional Paintwork This report is about rescuing a historic building from total destruction and experiments with traditional
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Hands-On Work
in Spring 2013
SH | 21 April
Wooden Roofs and Traditional Surface Treatment of Wood in Ekenäs, Finland — Intensive Course Spring 2013 The object of the intensive
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Report No. 2
SH | 30 August
Restoration Crafts and Practises at Seidla Manor in Estonia This report deals with some aspects of the restoration of masonry
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Hands-On Work
in September 2010
SH | 12 September
Restoration and Reuse of Manor Houses in Estonia — Intensive Course Autumn 2010 < course description: Intensive course Sustainable Heritage—Restoration of Manor Houses at the
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