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in Spring 2016

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in Spring 2016

Timber constructions on Gotland, April 3–9, 2016

In April 2016 the conservation department at Uppsala University Campus Gotland gave an intensive course for students from Estonia, Finland and Sweden within the Sustainable Heritage network. The course took place at the historic farm and cultural reserve Norrbys located in the middle of the island. The participating students were given the possibility to learn theoretical as well as practical aspects of traditional wood constructions from experienced and highly skilled craftsmen. This included learning to choose the right wooden material for a specific purpose, cutting down trees just as in historic times and to try techniques used for building timber framed houses. The overall aim was to get an understanding of the materials and constructions used in historic timber structures as well as aspects of conservation and repair.


April 4, 8.30–16 Wood buildings — theory and practice in the forest, Norrbys in Väte

18.30 Nordplus Welcome Party, Norrbys in Väte

April 5, 8.30–16 Excursion Bungemuseet and Lärbro church, Bunge/Lärbro

April 6, 8.30–16 Wood buildings — theory and practice in the forest, Norrbys in Väte

18.00 Mural paintings recently discovered by the students of EAA in medieval churches of Estonia

Followed by ‘After school’ at Campus Gotland (for those who wanted)

April 7, 8.30–16 Wood buildings — theory and practice in the forest, Norrbys in Väte

April 8, 8.30–16 Wood buildings — theory and practice in the forest, Norrbys in Väte


Larsen, Knut Einar & Marstein, Nils (2000). Conservation of historic timber structures: an ecological approach. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann

Equipment recommendation given before

“Tools, working boots and helmuts are provided by Campus Gotland, but if you have your own working shoes it is ok. You need warm working clothes, rain clothes and warm working gloves. There is a room for you where you can eat and warm yourself as you eat your food. The food must be brought by yourself and you have access to a kitchen with microwave owen and stove. Bring lots of food—practical work makes you hungry! Don’t forgett a camera—you want to take films and pictures. A notebook in pocket size is equally good to have since the theory will be held in filed.”

More info

Norbys in Väte


Lärbro church

Images and videos

Check out how the students summarized their impressions from the intensive course on Gotland in a very nice video clip.
More short movies and pictures from that course can be found on Instagram #noviabyggnadsteknik.