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in September 2010

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in September 2010

Restoration and Reuse of Manor Houses in Estonia — Intensive Course Autumn 2010

< course description: Intensive course Sustainable Heritage—Restoration of Manor Houses at the Seidla manor in Estonia attended by Swedish, Estonian and Finnish students during a mild week in September of 2010. Seidla and its 18th century details / studies of the windows and documentation work / fixing windows / mural conservation: gate posts of the garden wall were restored / building a traditional load bearing joint in a beam / building of cornices in two of the rooms inside the building / learning to plaster a ceiling and the repaired cornice / examining the condition of wooden structures >

Images Hands–On Work

Pictures of restoration work during the intensive course at the Seidla manor in Estonia in September 2010.

Program September 5–11, 2010