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Mills in Finland 2017
SH | 27/05/2021

Enjoy! This fantastic album of Finnish mills is compiled by Willem van Bergen. He kindly donated it for study and

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Introduction to historic windmills in Finland
SH | 31/12/2019
This site has been established to serve the millowners in Finnish and Swedish as well as the interested English–speaking public
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SH | 31/12/2019
Bibliography and web sources Literature Finnish historic mills Auvo Hirsjärvi, Rex Wailes. Finnish Mills, Part I: Watermills, Part II Mamsel
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Eighteenth Century Windmills in SW–Finland, Kirsti Horn
SH | 25/08/2019
The following presentation 'Eighteenth Century Windmills in SW–Finland' was given at The International Molinological Society's Symposium in Berlin, August 2019.
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Some views on Finnish watermills and windmills, Auvo Hirsjävi
SH | 07/05/2019
Auvo Hirsjärvi: Some views on Finnish watermills and windmills — introduction to article by Kirsti Horn Auvo Hirsjärvi, Lic.Phil (1909–1998)
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Getting to know Finnish Mills, Leo van der Drift
SH | 05/05/2019
Getting to know Finnish Mills, by Leo van der Drift The Mills Archive at Reading, UK, not only holds British
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Windmills in Eighteenth Century Finland, Kirsti Horn (2019)
SH | 24/04/2019
Old maps and lost windmills at a UNESCO Heritage site together with an astonishing find of some twenty 18th century
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Windmill glossary in English, Estonian, Finnish and Swedish
SH | 05/08/2015
Windmill glossary in English, Estonian, Finnish and Swedish—this glossary of windmill terminology is based solely on the available literature and
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Finnish windmill terminology Finnish–English; compiled by Auvo Hirsjärvi 1971
SH | 31/12/1997
Finnish windmill terminology Finnish–English; compiled by Auvo Hirsjärvi 1971. Finnish English Notes Rural term Standard language term Corresponding term Literal
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