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in Autumn 2014

Brick Constructions and Vaults in Ekenäs, Finland — Intensive Course Autumn 2014

During the intensive course the participants were building a small potato cellar with a flat vaulted roof according to traditional models.

<  course description: Brick Constructions and Ceramic Tiles / Ekenäs, Finland — host Towe Andersson, Novia UAS / Brick laying, building of centering for vaults; Tiling, water proofing / Expert lectures: History of brick; Building physics ie transport of water through brick walls; The making of bricks and tiles; Water proofing teqhniques for tiled surfaces / Excursions: Vaulted masonry structures (cellars, churches… ); Modern brick manufacturer; traditional brick manufacturer; Pukkila Oy / Plan for publication: Specification for a traditional potato cellar; Film report about the making of one / host university Novia University of Applied Sciences / course leaders: Niklas Nyman, constr. engineer, lecturer; Towe Andersson, DI, lecturer; Kirsti Horn, architect, senior lecturer >

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Program August 31 – September 9, 2014

Intensive Course 2014-2 No. 5 Ekenäs
Brick Constructions and Vaults — Intensive Course No. 5
Ekenäs, Finland, August 31 – September 9, 2014