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Co–partners and Activists—the Sustainable Heritage Dream Team

We meet in order to exchange ideas and learn from each other’s traditions. We have a new topic every time.
We are taught by the best experts within each specialized field of interest. We learn by doing. Indeed.

Kirsti Horn

Senior Lecturer in Building Technique
(former: Novia University of Applied Sciences, Raseborgsvägen 9, 10600 Ekenäs, Finland)
kirsti (at) sustainableheritage.eu
phone +358 40 5540 950

Kirsti Horn

Joakim Hansson

Ph.D., University Lecturer, Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, Sweden

* 24.5.1960 † 19.12.2017


Joakim Hansson
Founder * 24.5.1960 † 19.12.2017

Krista Laido

Science Secretary
(former: Estonian Academy of Arts, Suur–Kloostri 11, Tallinn 10133, Estonia)
krista (at) sustainableheritage.eu
phone +372 514 8317

Krista Laido

Towe Andersson

DI, Lecturer
Novia University of Applied Sciences (NUAS), Raseborgsvägen 9, 10600 Ekenäs, Finland
(also: Nordplus Network coordinator of Nordic Baltic Network of Engineering)
towe.andersson (at) novia.fi
phone +358 19 224 82 61 and +358 40 555 9388

Towe Andersson
CEO, Active

Niklas Nyman

Construction Engineer, Lecturer
Novia University of Applied Sciences (NUAS), Raseborgsvägen 9, 10600 Ekenäs, Finland
niklas (at) sustainableheritage.eu
phone +358 40 9648387

Niklas Nyman
COO, Active

Maris Veeremäe

Estonian Academy of Art (EAA), Estonia pst 7, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia
maris.veeremae (at) artun.ee
phone +372 611 7650

Maris Veeremäe
Active in Estonia

Elo Lutsepp

Head of Centre of Rural Architecture at Estonian Open Air Museum
Estonian Open Air Museum Foundation, Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 12, Tallinn, Tallinna linn (Estonia)
elo (at) evm.ee
phone +372 53 444 769

Elo Lutsepp

Susanna Carlsten

Uppsala University, Campus Gotland
susanna.carlsten (at) konstvet.uu.se
phone +46 18 4718327

Susanna Carlsten
Active in Sweden