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About Nordplus: the Nordplus Framework Programme offers financial support to a variety of educational cooperation between partners in the area of lifelong learning from the eight participating countries in the Baltic and Nordic regions. The main aims of the programme are:

  • Media: graphic design, scenography, photography, interactive multimedia;
  • to promote Nordic languages and culture and mutual Nordic–Baltic linguistic and cultural understanding;
  • to contribute to the development of quality and innovation in the educational systems for life–long learning in the participating countries by means of educational cooperation, development projects, exchanges and networking;
  • to support, develop, draw benefit from and spread innovative products and processes in education through systematic exchange of experiences and best practice;
  • to strengthen and develop Nordic educational cooperation and contribute to the establishment of a Nordic–Baltic educational area.

The Nordplus Framework Programme 2008–2011 consists of four sub-programmes:

  • Nordplus Junior
  • Nordplus Higher Education
  • Nordplus Adult Learning
  • Nordplus Horizontal
  • The Framework programme supports mobility, project and network activities.

In addition to the Nordplus Framework Programme, the Nordplus family also comprises a programme for cooperation in the area of the Nordic languages—Nordplus Sprog.

In addition to the overarching priorities for the programme and the specific priorities set for each of the sub–programmes, projects focusing on climatic issues are prioritised in 2011, as earlier years.

The total budget for The Nordplus Framework Programme in 2011, is approximately 62 million DKK or 8,3 million EUR.

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