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About Estonian Academy of Arts: the forerunner of Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA) was Tallinn Applied Art School, founded by Estonian Art Society in 1914. It was the first and for some period also the only art school in Estonia. In the very beginning the curricula based on the art school of Baron Stieglitz in St. Petersburg, which study system preferred technical and practical skills but from the end of the 1930’s onwards the students could receive specialist training in fine art as well.

The present–day Estonian Academy of Arts is the only public–law university in Estonia providing higher education in six fields of study:

  • Fine arts: painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, interdisciplinary arts;
  • Design: product design, textile art and design, fashion art and design, leather art; and design, ceramics, glass art, jewellery and blacksmithing, art and cultural anthropology;
  • Architecture: architecture and urban planning, interior design, urban studies;
  • Media: graphic design, scenography, photography, interactive multimedia;
  • Art history: art history, training of art teachers;
  • Conservation: conservation and protection of cultural heritage.

In EAA the field of advanced training is consolidated into the Open Academy, while research supported by Doctorial School and development by the Design Innovation Centre.

The number of students on Bachelor, Master and Doctorial level is over 1000 students. EAA is the cooperation partner of 80 universities and member of several international cooperation networks. In current academic year there study 20 full–time foreign students and 60 exchange–students in EAA.

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Internet www.artun.ee

Contact Krista Laido, Science Secretary
Estonian Academy of Arts, Suur–Kloostri 11, EE–10133 Tallinn, Estonia
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