Finska väderkvarnstermer finska-engelska; samlat av Auvo Hirsjärvi 1971

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Finska väderkvarnstermer finska-engelska; samlat av Auvo Hirsjärvi 1971.

Finnish English Notes
Lokal term Allmän term Motsvarande term Bokstavlig översättning
Mamselimylly Smock mill ‘Mademoiselle’ mill
Kehäsiipimylly Spider mill Circular wing mill
Runko Tower Trunk
Parveke Stage Balcony Only at Turku mill
Hattu Cap Hat
Tuuliviiri Wind–vane Wind pennant
Rata Curb Track
Rullalaakeri Roller Roller bearing
Rulla Roller Roller
Häntä Tailpole Tail
Siipi pl. siivet Sail pl. sails Wing pl. wings
Raakapuu Stock Yardtree
Armi Stock Arm
Kara pl. karat Bar Rod
Siipilapa Stock Arm
Portti (no comparable term in English) Gate Opening at the sail, made of board
Siipiluukku (no comparable term in English) Wing hatch Detachable lid of a gate–hole
Reunapuu Hemlath Rim tree
Ristikkosiipi Common sail Trellis wing
Seilit Sail cloths Sails Made of canvas
Väkikela Hand winch Power winch Vesunti mill, inside the cap
Vääntökanki Handspike Winding bar Vesunti mill, inside the cap. This is not the tailpole but one of those sturdy staffs with which the little inside winch, used to turn the millcap, was operated.
Siipitukki Windshaft Wing log
Nokka Poll end Beak The front part of the windshaft projecting outside
Naamataulu (no comparable term in English) Face board The big circular wooden disc to which the sails are fastened. Metsämaa and Seinäjoki Mamsel mills. More often met at the S. Bothnian magpie mills
Kaula Neck journal Neck
Kaularaudat Neck strips Neck irons The iron strips let into the windshaft at the neck journal
Perätappi Tail journal Rear pin
Kaulalaakeri Neck bearing Neck bearing
Perälaakeri Tail bearing Rear bearing
Laakeripenkki Tail beam Bearing bench A crossbeam at the rear wall supporting the rear bearing
Kivilaakeri Stone bearing Made of stone
Makaukset Pillow blocks Lairs The sites of the windshaft bearings
Liuvut Blocks Glides The sites of the windshaft bearings
Siipiratas Brake wheel Wing wheel
Hammasratas Brake wheel Tooth (cog) wheel
Jarru Brake Brake
Jarruvipu Brake lever
Lyhty Wallower Lantern
(T)rälli Wallower Derivative from a Swedish term
Kalikat (pl.) Staves Clogs For a lantern wheel
Käsivarret (pl.) Staves Arms For a geared wheel
Rällipenkki Tie beam Wallower bench Above the wallower
Ylätamppi Top bearing Top bearing Of the wallower
Lyhdynvarsi Upright shaft Lantern shaft
Väkirauta Quant Power iron The iron extension of the upright shaft
Silmärauta Quant Eye iron The iron extension of the upright shaft
Koura Crotch Grip, the inside of the human hand The forked end of the quant
Kartiohammaspyörä Bevelled wheel = wallower Conical tooth-wheel
Kitkapyörä Friction wheel Friction wheel
Vekseliratas Great spur wheel Gear wheel
Vekseliakseli Upright shaft Gear shaft (of the Great spur wheel)
Lyhty Stone nut Lantern
Säkkilavo Sack floor Sack platform
Kaha Hopper Funnel
Porsas Shoe Piglet
Rintalauta Gate Breast board
Karistin Trail–stick Shaker Wooden rod moved by the runner stone and thus conducting the grain into the eye. Does the Turku mill have real damsels?
Säkkiluukku Sack trap Sack hatch
Säkinnostokela Sackhoist winch Sackhoist winch
Säkinnostopyörä Sackhoist wheel Sackhoist wheel
Kivilavo Stone floor Stone platform
Kivet sing. kivi Stones Stones
Yläkivi Runner stone Upper stone
Alakivi Bed stone Lower stone
Silmä Eye Eye
Rihlat Furrows Rifles
Kuurnat Furrows Grooves
Siili Rynd Sieve
Pussi Hackle box Pouch
Tyyny Hackle box Pillow
Naparauta Stone spindle Navel iron The spindle below the stones, penetrates the hedgehog
Kahna Casing, vat
Jauhotorvi Meal spout Meal pipe
Sammakko Spindle bearing Frog Iron pan in the ‘frog bench’ = Bridge beam, supporting the spindle and acting as a bearing
Sammakkopenkki Bridge tree Frog bench To raise the runner stone
Hammaskiila Many height Tooth wedge Widen block used when raising the runner stone
Kiila Wedge Wedge Thin wooden block used as above
Hammasveto Gear drive Tooth pull/drive
Hihnaveto Belt drive Belt pull/drive
Kitkaveto Friction drive Friction pull/drive
Seulominen Dressing of meal Sieving
Seula Sieve Sieve
Takominen Dressing of stones Beating
Tikka Stone pick woodpecker